How Binary Options Trading Works

Markets Trading offers an all-inclusive trading experience. Learn more about what binary options are, the trade types and how they work on our platform.

Binary options trading offers you a simple way to benefit from the ongoing fluctuations in the prices of global financial instruments, such as forex, stocks, indices as well as commodities. In order to ensure that our traders are able to access an all-inclusive trading experience, Markets Trading offers a combination of effective trading tools including:

  • An innovative and state-of-the-art trading platform that is easy to use and to navigate.
  • Access to social trading which will enable you to gain some insight into the trading strategies of top traders.
  • A wide choice of trade options and expiry times to choose from, enabling one to diversify their trading portfolios with ease.
Trading Platform

Trading Platform

The core of trading binary options is the trading platform and Markets Trading offers you first class access to a powerful and intuitive platform which is suitable for both new and advanced traders.
To start, the trading platform is 100% web-based which means you do not need to download any software in order to trade. In addition, all the information you need in order to execute a trade is clearly marked on the platform. You can easily select an asset, the expiry time, the type of trade option such as Binary Options, Pairs, Long Term, Sixty Seconds, One Touch, and more, as well your prediction, either Call or Put. One of the many benefits of trading binary options is that you know even before you trade exactly what you stand to win or lose and for each trade option on the Markets Trading platform, the payout percentage is clearly defined including the potential payout based on your investment amount.
The Markets Trading platform also provides access to historical asset price charts for each trade option which help you to predict the future price movements of these assets. In addition, you can access the Trader Choice indicator which will provide you with more insight into the market sentiment regarding the price movement of each asset offered on our platform.

Spot Follow - Social Trading

Spot Follow - Social Trading

It does not matter if you are new to the world of binary options trading or a seasoned professional, having real-time access to view other traders in action is an effective trading strategy. Being able to tap into the experience and knowledge of other traders can boost your trading accuracy and success. The Markets Trading platform offers access to Spot Follow, a social trading tool which can be easily accessed from the trading platform. Whether you simply want to learn more about other top trader’s investment decisions or you want to copy their trading portfolio, social trading is available for you on Markets Trading.

Trading Tools & Features

Trading Tools & Features

Binary options trading has evolved over the last few years and we are now able to offer a vast choice of trade options including Binary Options, Pairs, Long Term, Sixty Seconds, One Touch, Ladder and social trading via Spot Follow. In addition, we cater to short, medium and long term traders with our selection of expiry times ranging from 15 seconds, right up to a year. We also offer trading on the weekends, putting binary options trading at your fingertips 7 days a week.

Other effective tools available on the Markets Trading platform include a choice of pre-expiry options such as Rollover, Double Up and Sell and these are excellent risk management tools which reduce the risk of trading while securing the rewards. For technical analysis, you can also access a variety of historical price charts for each trade option on the platform.

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