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Binary options are easy to trade. Find out more about this form of online trading and how to be a successful trader on the Markets Trading platform.

In traditional forms of financial investment, a trader has to actually purchase an asset, such as gold, stocks in a company and more. The amount of profit or loss resulting from their investment is determined by the asset’s changing value or price. The trader therefore has to constantly keep an eye on the market for an indeterminate time in order to find the best time to sell the asset, either for a profit, or to avoid losing their entire account balance.

Binary options trading is a lot simpler than traditional forms of investment and even if you have no prior experience or an understanding of the markets, you too can trade. In binary options trading, you are simply trading on the direction of the asset’s price movement, regardless of the magnitude of this movement. That is, you are not actually buying and selling assets but instead, you are simply making a prediction if the price of the asset will increase or decrease within a predefined amount of time. Another great benefit of this form of trading is that the expiry times, the profit percentage and risk are fully known even before a trader enters a trade and makes an investment.

How Binary Options Are Traded

‘Binary’ is a word that means ‘two parts.’ In general, a binary options trade has only two possible outcomes and you will either win a set amount of money if you make an accurate prediction; or you will lose your investment amount if your prediction is inaccurate. When you predict an asset’s price will finish higher than its current price after a specified period of time, you will open a Call (Above) option trade. On the other hand, a Put (Below) option means you predict a drop in the asset’s price.

Asset Classes Traded Via Binary Options

Markets Trading allows you to predict the future price movement of four classes of assets:

Stocks: We provide up to date pricing information and the opportunity to predict share prices of some of the world’s largest corporations such as Google, BP, Coca Cola and many more.

Indices: This category of asset is a weighted average of a stock exchange’s largest listed companies and includes popular indices such as the NASDAQ, Dow Jones and many others.

Forex or Currency Pairs: Markets Trading enables you to predict the relative strength of the world’s major currencies including the USD, JPY, EUR, GBP and AUD, among others.

Commodities: These include physical commodities commonly traded worldwide such as gold, silver, coffee and corn.

Learn How to Trade

The Markets Trading academy is a vital resource that lets you improve your strategies and techniques, whether you are a novice or an experienced trader. All our traders have access to the best educational material and tools, because we understand that diligence, experience and learning makes you a smarter, more successful trader.

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