Trading In Commodity Options

Learn more about how to trade a variety of global commodity binary options effectively, affordably and profitably on the Markets Trading platform.

One of the world’s biggest markets, accounting for about one-third of all international trade, is the global commodities market. The commodities most commonly traded across the world include coal, crude oil, steel, gold, platinum, copper, silver, gas, iron, sugar, corn and coffee.

Until very recently, trading in the commodities market was restricted to banks, large institutions, professional traders and corporate investors. For a long time, most of the assets listed could only be traded on the futures market. The number of individual investors in the futures market is generally low due to the high capital requirements. However, with the introduction of commodity binary options and the innovative Markets Trading platform, you are now able to participate in the commodities market and to take advantage of the many potentially profitable trading opportunities.

One thing that is particularly attractive about commodity binary options is that they are much simpler to learn than the traditional Contract for Difference (CFDs) and commodity futures. All you need to have is a good understanding of the particular market category in which the asset falls and then make a prediction on the direction in which the commodity’s price will move; either up or down. Since you are not actually buying and selling the commodities but simply making a prediction regarding the asset price movement, commodities options are accessible and affordable to traders worldwide.

When trading commodities with Markets Trading, you also know the payout percentage for your correct prediction as well as the amount risked before you enter the trade. Once you sign up and join our trading family, take advantage of the many trade options and expiry times and step confidently into the world of commodities binary options trading.

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