Frequently Asked Questions

During your trading journey, you might have some questions.
Our FAQs will guide you on all you need to know about options trading with Markets Trading.


Contracts for difference (CFDs) are derivative products which enable you to trade on the price movement of underlying financial assets (such as indices, shares and commodities).

A CFD is an agreement to exchange the difference in the value of an asset from the time the contract is opened until the time at which it’s closed. With a CFD you never actually own the asset or instrument you have chosen to trade, but you can still benefit if the market moves in your favour, or make a loss should the market move against you.

CFDs are a leveraged product, which means that you only need to deposit a small percentage of the full value of the trade in order to open a position. This is called ‘trading on margin’. While trading on margin allows you to magnify your returns, losses will also be magnified as they are based on the full value of the position, meaning you could lose more than any capital deposited.

An underlying asset is a widely traded financial security that varies in price on a continuous basis.
The main asset classes offered to CFD traders are currency pairs (forex), stocks, indices and commodities.
In CFD trading, a trader is not actually buying or selling these assets but instead, they are taking a position on the value of the underlying instruments whether the price of the assets will move up or down.

In CFD trading, you generally buy an asset in the expectation its price will rise and close the position later by selling. This is called going long.

If you believe that a market will rise, you can buy at a current price and sell at a higher price.

Traders can sell (“go short”) and close the position later by buying. Selling allows you to profit from falling market. If you believe that a prices will experience a loss of value in the short time period, you can use CFDs to sell it immediately and your gains will rise in line with any fall in a price of the underlying instrument.

The obvious benefit of short trading is that you can profit directly from falling asset prices, which is very difficult to achieve without the use of derivative products such as CFDs.

Markets Trading offers margin trading, it means  that you can enter into positions larger than your account balance. For example, 2% margin is the same as 50:1 leverage.

The difference between the buy price and the sell price is known as the spread. The buy price is the price that you go long at when you trade CFDs, and the sell price is the price you go short at when you sell CFDs.


You can deposit money into your Markets Trading account in a variety of currencies, including US dollars, euros and British pounds.
You should note that selecting your trading currency is part of the registration process, and you cannot change this option once you have made your selection.

The minimum initial deposit you need in order to make use of the Markets Trading platform is $/€/£ 250 (two hundred and fifty).

Markets Trading offers a variety of secure deposit methods including: Credit/ debit cards (Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, Diners, and more), wire transfer via the bank as well as a choice of popular eWallets such as Skrill or Neteller.

When you request a withdrawal from your trading balance, the funds will be credited to your account within 5 to 10 business days.
The exact time it takes depends on your bank as well as if we have received the relevant identification documentation from you.


Joining the Markets Trading family is free of charge.
Simply click the ‘Sign Up’ button at the top of the home page.
From there, follow the simple steps by providing your personal information and once you have submitted the required information, your trading account will be opened.
Should you require any assistance, please feel free to contact the Markets Trading customer support.

If you forget your password, simply click on the ‘Login’ button at the top of the page and then go to ‘Forgot your Password?’ on the login form. A few short steps later, your password will be emailed to the email address you provided during the registration process.

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